Is it OK to share your work on derpibooru?

please don’t.

this goes for everyone and for every site. 


I second this

Maybe I’ll open some experimental commissions for more practice if anyone’s interested \o/

more experimental painting featuring Foxy

more experimental painting featuring Foxy

how many doodles would a nine-doodles diddle if a nine-doodles could diddle doodles

diddle doodle

How do you go about choosing a palette for a piece?

Well I really never do honestly! It’s more of what mood I want in general so I always use colors that generate that target emotion

Color is a difficult theory to put into simple words, but it’s also a super fun topic and I can honestly go on all day talking about it„ ;O;

experimental painting thing 

experimental painting thing 

I love my shiny golurk but it’s not very flexible. Made a design off it

Birthday gift for Jos, a really rad chick who should get everyone’s love 
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